10th Delhi Rattan Award

Our aim and slogan is 'Bharat Manch, every Indian's platform'

The public welfare organization 'Bharat Manch' is always working with full dedication for the service of the public and the betterment of the society. Our objective is to study the impact on the public by keeping an eye on the policies made by the government and its administrative management. So that proper review of government policies and its good and bad effects can be brought to the table of the government.Our organization is continuously working to provide easy and free justice to the deprived and needy. 'Bharat Manch' vocally raises its voice to provide maximum benefits to the people in the field of education and health.

Bharat Manch organises two special programs in a year. In which the Delhi Ratna Award held in April and the Gems of India Award Ceremony held in November are prominent. In these honour ceremonies, people are selected from across the country who have made important contributions to the development of the country and society. By honouring such great personalities, Bharat Manch not only encourages but also inspires other people of the country to work for the benefit of the country and society.

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